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Lest anyone should think my life revolves around Harry Potter…

…I’ve decided to make a “real life” post. I’ve also added a little disclaimer to my userinfo.

First of all, I finished my ESL class in mid-April, and as I had already dropped to part time at my office job, that meant I had a lot of spare time on my hands. Since I didn’t particularly want this time to get sucked up into even more internet trawling, I started looking around for some sort of volunteer opportunity to fill the extra hours. I ended up contacting a local adult day care—a place where people can leave their elderly family members who can’t safely be left home alone all day while their caretakers are at work. I asked the director if her clients would like a professionally trained singer to come in once a week to sing them old show tunes a la Rodgers and Hammerstein. She said they would love that. So throughout June and July, I went in once a week to sing for a group of 4-8 elderly ladies and the ADC staff. I really enjoyed this, because I had missed singing challenging music since I graduated from Stetson (Mostly the only singing I had done was for my church’s praise team, and that music is…yeah. Nice, but not a challenge.), and because it’s wonderful to perform for an appreciative audience.

In July, I resigned from my office job in preparation for moving back to the Orlando area. I had decided a few months before to return to teaching at Center Academy, this time assisting in the 6th-9th grade classroom, and planning the 9th grade curriculum. I worked on packing up and tying up loose ends in Tallahassee the last week in July, and on the 30th, I headed back down to Central Florida. As for my little Tallahassee family, we had to split up. :( Tanya has moved in with the Douglases, her future in-laws, for just a few months as she prepares for her graduation in December and her wedding in March. She took Mr. T (the orange kitten) with her, until Jared is able to find an apartment and take him to Ft. Walton Beach. Kristi will be spending the year in Daytona Beach, working to establish a chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the Bethune-Cookman campus. She had wanted to take Mattie with her, but because of her living conditions while involved in this ministry, she won’t be able to. Instead, I brought Mattie home to my parents’ house, where she will stay with us until Kristi can make other arrangements.

And I am living off of my parents’ charity, too, for now. It’s a full house, as my brother and his wife are living here as well, and I’m sharing a room with my grandmother, who had moved in with Mom and Dad a few months before I left for Tallahassee last year. So there’s six people in this four bedroom (one of which is an office) two bathroom house, not to mention the two cats (Mattie and Strider). I love my family, and we generally get along well, but it’s definitely a bit crowded for my taste. I hope I’ll be able to move out by December, at the latest.

Mom put me to work at the school right away on Monday. I’ve barely had time to work on unpacking at home because of this, so the parlor is still full of half-unpacked boxes. The students come back on August 15th, and we have a lot of work to do to get ready for their return, but we made good progress this week. I’m enjoying it. I used to love to “play school” when I was a little kid (with my best friend Tiffany, who also grew up to be a teacher), and I still do. You just can’t escape your destiny, can you? ;) I’m thinking of going to grad school in Fall ’06 for a Master’s degree in Special Ed, possibly with an emphasis in Gifted Ed.

What else? Oh, yeah! Kickboxing! I love it. I have a couple of videos that I’ve been doing almost every day for a few months now. I’ve lost six pounds, I feel great, and I am more fit and muscular now than I ever have been in my life. It’s pretty exciting. Now that I’ve moved back home, my parents have said they’ll pay for a membership for me at the YMCA, which they now go to regularly, and I can go to the kickboxing classes there. I’ve already been a few times as a guest when I’ve visited home, and I went last Wednesday, too. Unfortunately, I injured my shoulder Wednesday. My fist got caught on the edge of the pocket on my nylon shorts while I was doing some uppercuts, and though the collision didn’t seem that bad at the time, a few hours later, my rotator cuff area started hurting really badly—more than it would for normal post-workout soreness—and it didn’t stop until…well, it’s just starting to feel a bit better as of this morning. So that was :(. I had to miss the class this morning because of it, but I think I’ll be fine in time for the next class on Monday night. The rest of my family has been getting in shape lately, too. Both my parents have lost quite a bit of weight in the past six months or so, and Mark has also been going to the Y for kickboxing and other fitness activities.

I’m really glad to be back at my home church here in Oviedo. I never really found a church I liked in Tallahassee. The Wesley chapel services I went to the first few months were pretty good, but I don’t really feel like I fit in with college students anymore, so I quit going to those, and church-hopped for a while after that. The last two months I was in Tally, I went to a Christian Church near my house, and that was pretty nice. But I’m pleased to now be back home at Metro Church of Christ. The church is really thriving and growing, I’m getting right back in where I was with the music and drama ministries, and soon we’ll be moving to a new building that’s even closer to home. My spiritual life has been a little bit down the past year. Singing at the ADC gave it a bit of a boost, because it was clear to me that that opportunity was an answer to some of my prayers, but the stress of moving has deflated that bubble a bit. I’m hoping returning to Metro will provide a more sustained boost. I also want to start singing again for audiences like the one at the ADC in Tallahassee. There’s an ADC very close to my parents’ house in Lake Mary as well as a senior center in the area that I might contact.

So, there you go. An entire entry with not one mention of Harry and his friends. Oh…oops.

Grace and Peace,

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