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A possible plot device?

My parents were listening to Jim Dale read the end of HBP tonight, and my dad came to me afterward with a little theory.

When Draco corners Dumbeldore on the tower, Dumbledore offers him protection from Voldemort by suggesting that he and his family fake their own deaths. He adds, "...we can hide you more completely than you can possibly imagine." The way he talks in this scene suggests that this is a trick the Order may have some hidden talent for. Anyway, my dad seems to think this may be one of those times where JKR plants the possibilty of a plot device so as to use it big time later (e.g. Polyjuice potion). Anyone think it's possible that either A) someone (perhaps even Draco) will appear to die early in book 7, only to emerge from behind Order protection later on, or B) someone we already believe to be dead* may turn out to be alive, having been secreted by the Order in this manner?

*Not, I'm sure, someone like Sirius, Dumbledore, or Cedric, but perhaps Amelia Bones or Emmaline Vance--someone like that.

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