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Favorite Character Meme

I’ve avoided guessing on anyone’s Favorite Character Meme because I’m clueless. I clicked on a few to consider guesses, but since I got to most too late to get any easy ones, all of my guesses felt like wild shots in the dark. Anyway, since I didn’t guess on anyone else’s, I thought I wouldn’t post it myself. But…I changed my mind. However, I’ve decided to do something different. Instead of a blind attempt to unravel the mystery of someone’s strange preferences, I thought I would make it into a little bit of a logic puzzle by giving a few clues.

1. Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc. that you've had an obsessive fannish love of at some time in your life
2. Have your friends list guess your favourite character from each item.

From books and comics (B/C):

1. Harry Potter – Remus Lupin (springdove)
2. Lord of the Rings – Faramir
3. Anne of Green Gables series – Walter Blythe
4. The Baby-Sitters Club – Mary Anne Spiers (springdove)
5. The Chronicles of Narnia – Edmund Pevensie (springdove)
6. X-Men – Remy “Gambit” LeBeau (markbrannan)

From movies and theatre (M/T):

7. Star Wars – Han Solo (heatherhobbit)
8. Pirates of the Caribbean – Will Turner (heatherhobbit, shipaholic)
9. Les Miserables – Eponine Thenardier (heatherhobbit)
10. Rent – Roger Davis (ginnytoo)

From TV and anime (TV/A):

11. Inuyasha – Inuyasha (springdove)
12. ER – Dr. John Carter (markbrannan)
13. Smallville – Chloe Sullivan (shipaholic)
14. Everwood – Dr. Harold Abbott
15. Joan of Arcadia – Grace Polk (ginnytoo)
16. Veronica Mars – Logan Echolls (springdove)
17. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Daniel "Oz" Osborne (markbrannan)
18. Life Goes On – Jesse McKenna (markbrannan)
19. The Pretender – Jarod
20. The X-Files – Agent Fox Mulder (markbrannan)

1. Only four of my favorites are female. Mary Anne, Eponine, Chloe, Grace
2. There is at least one female in each of the three categories.
3. Three of the four females I like mainly because I empathize with their crushes on seemingly unattainable men. Mary Anne, Eponine, Chloe
4. Only one of the above crushes is really significantly reciprocated. Mary Anne The others are either entirely unrequited, or the reciprocation is very short-lived.
5. The remaining female character is in the TV/A category; she’s half of a bickering couple that I like. Grace - Grace/Luke
6. Of the fifteen male characters, all of them are my favorites at least in part due to sex appeal—except for two.
7. Of those two, one (from the TV/A category) is not sexy to me because he’s too old, and I like him for his sarcastic wit and his interesting love/hate friendship with another character. Dr. Abbott - I was talking about his friendship with Dr. Brown The other (from the B/C category) is not sexy to me because he’s too young, and I like him because he’s flawed and pitiable, but comes through in the end. Edmund
8. To my knowledge*, only four of my favorites died by the end of their respective stories. Two of these are from B/C, one is from M/T, and one is from TV/A. *A few of these stories I stopped following after a while, and I’m not 100% certain of what happened to my favorite characters after that. See end of clues section for these, as I don't want to spoil people.
9. Only two of my favorites are the single titular character of their stories. They are both in the same category. Inuyasha, Jarod ("The Pretender")
10. I tend to like male characters that are kind of emo and/or in some way pitiable. I would say this applies to at least ten of my favorites (this one is a bit subjective, though). You can figure this out, right?
11. Two pairs of these emo characters are pitiable because they have the exact same problem—one B/C character has exactly the same problem as a TV/A character, and one M/T character has exactly the same problem as another TV/A character. The problem of the first pair is a fantastical problem that is similar to the real-life problem of the second pair. I know this sounds complicated, but if you catch my drift at all it should be obvious what I’m talking about. First pair - Remus and Oz, both are werewolves; second pair - Roger and Jesse, both have HIV/AIDS.
12. My favorite character in Veronica Mars has the same first name as the love interest of my favorite character in The Baby-Sitters Club. Logan has the same name as Mary Anne's boyfriend.
13. Two of my favorites are doctors. They are both in the same category. Dr. Carter and Dr. Abbott
14. If you look at my userpics, you will see six of my favorites—or at least the actor who plays them. Gambit, Jesse, Remus, Han; David Wenham (Faramir) and Seth Green (Oz) are both in the "Redheads" icons.
15. My favorite character from the X-Files is not Scully.
16. A big reason I like several of these characters is because they are involved in romantic relationships that I find interesting. This applies to at least 10 of them. Faramir (Eowyn), Mary Anne (Logan), Gambit (Rogue), Han (Leia), Will (Elizabeth), Roger (Mimi), Inuyasha (Kagome), Grace (Luke), Jesse (Becca), Mulder (Scully)

Um…this is getting ridiculous. If you want to ignore the clues and just guess like normal, I won’t hold it against you.

SPOILER SPACE - characters who died

Walter, Edmund, Eponine, Jesse


That's it!

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