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Quiz results and more cosplay picspam

Gacked from connielane...

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And some pictures of yet another anime convention. There're a few of me in a different costume, this time of Kagura from Fruits Basket. That costume was made be the mother of one of my friends, who wore the same costume on Sunday, when I was in my Sango get up.

Friday night, we didn't cosplay. Vanessa and I both wore Fruits Basket T-shirts.
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While waiting in line to get into the Animusical (people dressed as anime characters, dancing and lip-synching to popular movie and musical theatre songs), some people in front of us were smoking, so I tried to block the smoke with my program. Mark thought it was funny.
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Saturday, I dressed as Kagura, and most of the people I hung out with were also Fruits Basket characters. Left to right we have Anna as Shigure, Christie as Ayame, Katrina as Akito, Janet as Hatori, and me as Kagura.
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Vanessa wore her Neo Queen Serenity costume again, and Mark accompanied her as Tuxedo Mask.
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Another pic of me and Vanessa:
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Saturday night was a masquerade ball. I like this pic of Christie, Janet, and Katrina.
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Here’s one of me with my lovely evening gown, and my not-so-lovely farmer’s tan. I think this was during the cha-cha shuffle.
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Vanessa wore her wedding dress for the dance, along with a white and gold mask she made. And Mark’s tuxedo jacket, in this pic.
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On Sunday, I dressed as Sango, and Anna dressed as Miroku. We had a little “date” at Subway (by which I mean we happened to sit next to each other, and everyone thought it was cute and Mark took pictures).
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Miroku being pervy:
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Sango getting angry:
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Here you can see Janet in the Kagura costume, complete with a Kyo backpack. Christie wore her kimono on Sunday, and Vanessa decided to dress comfortably.
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Once again, the highlight of the convention for me was the cosplay—being noticed and noticing others. And hanging out with everyone! We spent a lot of time on Sunday playing Rich Man, Poor Man, a game the characters in Fruits Basket play, with a set of Fruits Basket themed playing cards Christie found a good deal on in the dealer’s room. That was so much fun.

I also was inspired by watching the fan video awards at the convention to attempt to learn how to make fanvids. I think I have some good ideas for them. I've got learning how on a (rather long) mental list of projects for this summer. If anyone has any tips on that, I'd love to hear them. I already have some software on my computer that I think I can do at least some of the essential fanvid-making tasks with, but I need to explore that a bit more.

And now I have to retire the Sango costume for a while. I can no longer pull off the hairdo. Yesterday I chopped my hair off and gave it to Locks of Love again. Yay! Short hair for summer! I have no pics of the new do yet, but for those of you who haven't seen me with short hair before, I'll say that I look a little like the Love Interest in Real Genius, except that my hair's a bit longer in the front:
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Well, this post was supposed to be drive by. Somehow, posts with pics always end up taking me a long time, mainly because photobucket is slow as a beast. There must be a faster way to do this. Any advice?

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