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It's been too long.

Bullet style 'cause I'm tired.

-Dad got a job. It's a six month contract, but still, it's a good thing.

-Since financial pressures have now lightened up, I have decided I can afford a trip this summer after all. Since I missed my chance for Lumos, I'm going to NYC for JKR's reading instead. *squee* Big thanks to mrs_bombadil for coordinating the meet up and getting the tickets.

-School's out! I just have to go in on Wednesday to wrap up a few things, but basically, I am now FREE. Until summer school starts, at least.

-Have agreed to be assistant director for Verve Theatre's* latest play--The Legend of Robin Hood--Sort of. It should be fun.

*The theatre group associated with my church

-Am totally obsessed with Fruits Basket. I started a chapter by chapter discussion this evening, which I'm really looking forward to. For the handful of you that are Fruits Basket fans, come join us!

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