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Just a quick rant...

If you don't know what this is about already, here is the necessary background info.

It really bugs me that people are somehow able to believe that angiej/Ebony's lifting of several lines and--more significantly--the structure of a very pivotal and memorable scene from Anne's House of Dreams and using them in Trouble in Paradise without crediting LMM is not plagiarism.


Oh, how I remember the night I found that passage, over a year ago. I searched and searched for a citation, because I remembered hearing about the whole CC thing and how the BNFs had assured people that whatever she and any of them borrowed was cited--and like a litle child, I believed! I looked at the beginning and end of that chapter in TiP, throughout the chapter, at the previous chapter, at the next chapter, at the first chapter, at the last chapter for any mention that Ebony had borrowed from one of my favorite authors, whom she also claimed as one of her favorite authors. I liked Ebony, darn it. Not that I ever knew her personally, but I had lurked at her journal and liked most of what I saw there, and despite all the things that some of my fandom-oldbie friends said, I always just felt like I should give her the benefit of the doubt. I remember feeling sure that the citation must be somewhere and I was just overlooking it.

But there's no citation, and I'm sorry, but just because it's only a few lines and the two scenes show a similar and somewhat common circumstance doesn't excuse it. I don't believe for a second that it could have been subconsious. That scene in LMM's book is intense--it's not likely to be forgotten, especially by someone who is a particular fan of the author. Also, it's not just the words itself that are lifted. There are some important details that Ebony also borrowed, which I think are what make LMM's scene so effective: one, that the husband is the one who has the job of informing his wife of the loss, and two, that the POV is taken away from the grieving woman's room as she cries out. The first detail increases the intensity of the scene, while the second undercuts it. It creates a climax, and then gives the reader a bittersweet relief. It's brilliant writing, IMO, and Ebony stole it, and it makes me angry that people refuse to recognize that.

ARGH! Sorry if I'm being wanky, but I hardly ever go off on the things in fandom that bug me, at least not publically. I think it's my turn to rant. >:|

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