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New PoA Trailer

The new PoA trailer (it's up at TLC: is just...awesome. Can't describe it. Can't wait for this movie.

Love Snape's entrance.
Love Lupin explaining the dementors.
Love the dementor effects on the train--the icy window, Harry's foggy breath and groggy look.
Love the R/Hr moment, especially the expressions on both their faces, and most of all Ron's in the last little frame.
Love Harry's dejected, angsty pose, apparently in his room at The Leaky Cauldron.
Love the pic of Lily and James dancing.
Love Harry's angsty line in the snow.
Love Hermione vs. Malfoy.

Would love to know why Ron is wearing some kind of reggae hat that makes him look like he has pigtails. Um, yeah.

Overall, the trailer gives me the overwhelming feeling that this movie is going to be much more sophisticated than the last two. Which I think is appropriate.

Off to read more HDM and then get some sleep...


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